Our services

Static & Location Guarding

Select can provide security guards either on 24 hour cover, or during unsociable hours when sites are unmanned. Guarding services may range from long-term sites to one-off events. Clients may choose from a range of Security Uniforms - Black Jackets to Fluorescents, or the more traditional Epaulettes. In order to keep guards motivated and alert, Select provide staff on short shifts only, or alternatively, regular rest cover. Dog handling services are also available to complement static guarding.

Brighton & Hove and the surrounding areas are a favourite for film location managers.  Therefore Select has had a wealth of experience in provision of security services for film and advertising. Clients within this industry may require short notice shifts or extra staff.  Select are able to provide these staff within the hour. Select are responsive to assisting planning for film shoots, and providing necessary paperwork.  As discussed in our methodology statement, Select will appoint a single point of contact - this liaison is seen as key to this often intensive period.